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  Welcome to the Pages of Petrotec AG!

On the basis of residual and waste raw materials such as yellow grease and using proprietary technology Petrotec produces one of the most sustainable and climate-friendly biodiesels that can be manufactured industrially. In its Directive on the Promotion of Renewable Energy (RE-D), in force since Juni 2009, the EU Commission certifies that biodiesel produced on the basis of residual and waste raw materials such as yellow grease has a 83% CO2 reduction potential. Petrotec sells its biodiesel under the EcoPremium Biodiesel brand.

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Petrotec began developing a procedure for manufacturing biodiesel from used cooking oil as early as the mid-1990s. As such Petrotec is one of the pioneers among Biodiesel manufacturers. Petrotec’s first industrial biodiesel production plant went turnkey in 2000. In a fully continuous procedure Petrotec technology is capable of processing fresh vegetable oils such as rape seed, soy and palm oil as well as oils and fats that are difficult to process such as yellow grease and animal fats and oils and fish oils; in other words actual multi-feedstock technology in a fully continuous procedure. Annual capacity at the Borken plant in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany is 85,000 tons of biodiesel. The second production plant in the deep-sea port of Emden in Germany has an annual capacity of 100,000 tons.

Since the beginning of 2004 Petrotec biodiesel has met the strict quality criteria outlined in the European Biofuel Guideline EN 14214. Petrotec delivers its EcoPremium biodiesel directly to end clients, for the most part freight forwarding companies, as well as major international mineral oil companies and mineral oil dealers.

The company collects some of the yellow grease itself by means of its own disposal logistics and cooperation partners in Germany and Europe.

FILM: the most CO2-neutral fuel on the market (mp4)

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